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What Do I Edit?

The short answer is: everything. I have yet to find a manuscript in a genre I cannot handle. I've worked with writers on everything from feature articles and dissertations, to urban paranormal romances, poetry, and graphic novels. The purpose of a sample (as discussed below) is to see if the sort of feedback I give will be of use to you. This includes whether or not I can speak the language of your genre. So go ahead, send me your work at suzannehartwick (at) gmail (dot) com, see if your NA supernatural novel about an insurance adjuster will be the manuscript to stump me.

My Rates:

My rates are based on the work I do on a free sample chapter (no more than 5000 words, or the equivalent in your medium). Once I have completed the sample chapter, and figured out both my reading speed, and the level attention the manuscript requires, I calculate the estimate (a manuscript falling on the light critique end of the spectrum will also require less hours, and be subsequently much cheaper than one needing substantive edits). These rates are my baselines, and subject to change based on where we decide your manuscript falls on the spectrum, and what you need from editing.

Note: The completion of a sample chapter does not mean we have entered into any financial obligation yet. As detailed above, I'm figuring out just as much as you are in those pages.

Copy editing/light critique: 15 USD

This is the sort of attention a work may need when it approaches publication. You as author and I as editor have both agreed that there is no need to dig deeply into the work at this time; my attention will be focused on grammar, punctuation, and making sure everything is consistent and sparkly.

Substantive edits: 20 USD

This level is for those who desire more scrutiny for their manuscript. I will look at such elements as overall story structure, character arcs, themes, motifs, narrative voice, and any other list of literary terms you can think of. However, to do this justice, I read your manuscript twice (figured into the estimated time) in order to help you make it the best story possible. Along the way I still will be paying attention to the smaller issues like grammar and punctuation. I may even fix some page design issues as I go.

As with all my editing, if I correct things more than once or twice, or if there is an unclear reason for why I am doing it, I explain the why of it, so that by the time you are done reading through my comments, you have gained expertise.

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